Elle West Designs offers a high quality line of fashionable, vegan, and eco-friendly metal jewelry.

Hand crafted in a small workspace, each adornment is individually made with love using environmentally safe materials and processes. Anywhere from a few hours to a few days and even weeks are dedicated to bearing a single design, choosing materials, and exploring the process necessary for fabrication.

Because Elle is an artist before all else; an integral part in her design is the artistic process. Not one of the pieces is alike and the differences can be seen in the footprints of workmanship left behind amongst the clean lines and abstract shapes.

Close inspection of an Elle West designed piece of jewelry will reveal marvelously unexpected visual pleasures inspired by nature's unique ability to effortlessly create beauty through the simplest occurrences such as water washing over matter throughout the years. 

Take care not to overlook the small detail and distinctive beauty of the perfect imperfection that these artful creations boast. Minute marks defined by hammering, filing, heating, and sawing are only a small representation of what can be expected in a one of a kind Elle West Designs creation.

Elle's experiences and background, as a model in the fashion industry, weigh heavily on the design aesthetic of each adornment. Fashionably edgy in style, jewelry created by Elle West Designs demands attention when worn. This unique style appeals to the world of art and fashion equally!

Because every piece of jewelry is “made with love” by Elle, not a single hand-crafted design leaves her hands until final touches have been applied and the upmost attention has been given to the overall quality of the adornment.

Elle is a vegan, for animal rights as well as for the associated environmental and health benefits, and proudly implements the principals behind this lifestyle into her jewelry design practices.

The goal of EWD is to create unique and artistically appealing fashionable jewelry that supports morally responsible and healthy living practices.

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